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How Plumbing Is Flushing Into the Future

It’s scary to imagine a life without proper plumbing.  Most people take modern-day plumbing for granted.  Before the introduction of modern-day plumbing luxuries such as sewage drainage and disposal systems, flushing toilets and water treatment systems, disease ran rampant due to lack of clean water.  Diseases such as polio, cholera and the black plaque took the lives of many people before modern plumbing was introduced.  There was a time when waste water was simply dumped into the streets and rivers, contaminating their water supply. 

Although the industry has grown throughout the years, they continue to look for new ways to improve.  The new focus is on improving efficiency, conserving water and reducing costs for homeowners, without sacrificing performance or style.  Traditional water heaters may eventually be replaced by solar-powered water heaters providing free energy to heat water for showers, dishwashers and laundry.  Flush valves could also incorporate solar power technology someday.  Without the benefits of modern plumbing, the world would not be able to sustain life as it is today.  Thankfully, the plumbing industry is continuing to find new ways to improve and new ways to save homeowners money by conserving water. 

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