How to Remove Pet Hair in 3 Steps - Pet hair can find all the hard to ...

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How to Remove Pet Hair in 3 Steps - Pet hair can find all the hard to reach areas of a car.

Without a doubt, dogs are part of our families. However, sometimes they can leave behind unwanted gifts in our cars, such as ground-in dog hair on the upholstery and down between the seats. Pet hair on car upholstery is common among pet owners and it can be difficult to remove without the help of your local detailing professional.Remember though, each job is different; some will only require a few of the following steps, while others will require every trick in the arsenal.

Step One: Removing loose pet hair  First, try blowing the dog hair out with an air compressor. Next, wearing nitrile gloves, run your hand over the surface of the fabric. In between waves of your hand, use a vacuum to remove any hairs that may have been loosened by the gloves. Rub your hand across the fabric, pick up the hair, dunk your hand in a bucket of water and then repeat the process.

Step Two: Getting the hard to clean areas  While step one tackles easy to reach areas, harder to reach areas will require an alternate solution, such as a pet brush. Pet brushes are good at reaching hard to reach areas and are non-damaging to plastics. Simply rub the brush across the fabric, loosening the hairs, and then vacuum.For hard to clean areas, you may also consider the use of a fine grain pumice stone. Pumice stones are great at removing ground-in dog hair but be careful because aggressive use can cause surface damage.

Step Three: Shampoo as usual  Once the area is dry, you can shampoo the fabric using your favorite method. However, it is important to make sure that the shampoo is meant for the car’s fabrics.

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