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Schedule a sump pump inspection before it’s too late

With the rainy season here, you want to make sure that your home is ready to deal with the potential for flooding. Along with keeping your eye on the local flood forecast, taking the time to check your sump pump is a smart move toward protecting your home from flooding. A sump pump is one of the most common devices for protecting homes against flooding.

A sump pump is a self-activating pump that goes in a home’s basement or crawlspace, and it is designed to turn on when the water reaches are certain level.Having a functional sump pump is important because it protects the home against flood damage. Without a good sump pump, water could accumulate in the basement to the point where your home could suffer extensive water damage. On top of that, the sitting water could result in issues relating to mold, mildew and fungus growth.

Once a year, you will want to check the inlet screen to make sure that it is clear from debris. The inlet can pull in things like dirt and other types of debris when the pump is in operation. Over time, this stuff can build up, and this will clog the inlet and render the pump inoperable.

If there is a flood watch or a flood warning, you may want to check your sump pump to make sure that it is plugged in and that the cord is in good shape. If heavy rain is expected in the coming days, you may also want to pour a little water in the pit just to make sure the pump turns on.You also want to make sure that the sump pump is in an upright position and that the float is not jammed. During operation, there is the potential that the pump could tip over or that the float could get jammed when it goes back to the off position.

It could also be a good idea to get your sump pump inspected by a professional plumber. If you have any problems getting the pump to turn on, a plumber will be able to inspect the pump and test its operation. They could also clean the pump and check the lines that expel the water from the pit.

C & D Plumbing can help you with annual maintenance and repair.  Remember weekends and evening hours – no extra charge!

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