The holidays do creep up on us. This is the weekend to prep your kitc...

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The holidays do creep up on us. This is the weekend to prep your kitchen for Thanksgiving and the holidays that follow.

Check out your pantry and toss all expired foods.  It’s easy to forget that can of sweet potatoes that you forgot to make last year.  What about the soup you bought for the kids to eat during the summer?  Or was that last summer??  This is the time also to put some food aside for holiday food drives.  The best foods are macaroni-and-cheese, soup, peanut butter, pasta, pasta sauce, jelly, tuna and cereal.  Again, confirm that they’re not expired – you’ll save the volunteer workers a lot of time if you do this before they have to. 

Holiday foods take up quite a bit of refrigerator.  Clean out your refrigerator now.  Wipe down the walls; remove the drawers and give them a good cleaning. During the holidays, you’ll have a lot of people in and out of your frig.  A bit of time now will keep you from being embarrassed later!  Again, toss the expired foods, especially leftovers stashed in closed containers.  If you haven’t eaten them by now, you won’t.  You’ll need that space for turkey and stuffing!   

Make-ahead baked goods and holiday freezer meals need room, too.  Clean out the freezer to create a home for holiday goodies to come.  If you have a chest freezer, move the items you’ll be using in the next month to the top.  Put the deer meat at the bottom.  If your freezer is upright, put holiday foods towards the top, within easy reach. Now that you have room for the holiday fare, you can begin cooking and baking. 

You should also schedule No Time Cleaning Services to clean the rest of your house!  Call us now to get on the holiday schedule.  Spots fill up quickly.  My crew will give you “the gift of time”.  

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