Your Pipes Are Gross, but That’s OK—and 8 Other Things Your Plumbe...

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Your Pipes Are Gross, but That’s OK—and 8 Other Things Your Plumber Wishes You Knew

Plumbers do the dirtiest of work, but somehow the profession has garnered a reputation for rip-offs. But where would you be without them? Where would your bathroom be? (Shudder.)

And let’s be honest. We don’t schedule plumbing appointments months in advance. Plumbers are the ones we frantically call at 2 a.m., with water pooling up around our ankles and monogrammed towels strewed across the floor. We call mid-meltdown, and somehow they have to explain the inner workings of our pumps and valves in plain English and jump to action before more damage is done.Just because it’s a dirty job doesn’t mean its practitioners don’t deserve our respect—or our understanding.

Here are nine things plumbers wish you, their clients, knew to clear the air—or the drains, so to speak.

1. Your drains are dirty. Really dirty. But that doesn’t mean you are.

2. They’ll clean up after themselves—but not after you.

3. Don’t feel bad for calling late at night.

4. Don’t overestimate your DIY abilities.

5. Stick around or leave during the job—it doesn’t matter to us.

6. Maintain your appliances. 

7. Don’t wait for a crisis.

8. Know your home.

9. Plumbing can be expensive.

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