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test2Spring Cleaning a Senior's Home

If your senior loved one’s home could use a good corner-to-corner Spring cleaning, here are five steps to get it done.

1.  Make a checklist. Be sure to include the following tasks to reduce senior safety hazards:

                  Clean out the medicine cabinet and dispose of expired medications or those no longer prescribed

                  Throw away any expired food

                  Replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

                  Remove clutter from walkways

                  Replace light bulbs if necessary and ensure rooms and hallways are adequately lit

                  Get rid of throw-rugs to eliminate tripping hazards

                  Consider installing grab bars in the bathroom

2.  Schedule it. Just like a doctor’s appointment or other important commitment, block off time in your schedule that you can devote to spring cleaning.

3.  Enlist help. If you can’t convince family members to lend a hand, consider hiring help. A professional caregiver can assist with laundry, dusting, vacuuming and other light housekeeping tasks.Involve your senior loved one. It’s important to keep your loved one engaged and feeling useful, no matter what his or her limitations. If it’s not easy for Mom to get around, hand her the silver polish and silverware. Or give Dad a stack of papers to go through while you take care of the rest of the home.

4.  De-clutter, then clean. Don’t just clean around the piles—tackle them first. But, be careful not to get trash-happy.

5.  Finally, be sure to address any problems you uncover while cleaning. You don’t want to see the fruits of your labor reverse back into a pig sty in less than six months. If you discover your loved one has piles of unpaid bills, expired food in the pantry or hasn’t been cleaning up after the pets, perhaps it’s time for some extra help around the house. A little housekeeping help from a caregiver for just a few hours a week can help keep the home clean while offering your loved one companionship and support on a regular basis.

Thank you to for help with this article.  And if you decide you need that professional help, call No Time Cleaning and ask for the Senior Special!

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