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Western Reserve Lace Society Monthly Meeting

August 18, 2018

It's time once again for our monthly meeting of the Western Reserve Lace Society. Bring your pillows and current projects as well as any finished items you would like to share with the group.

For anyone thinking about lace and different techniques:

Ever wonder how they make all that fine, detailed lace that is starting to show up on costumes in some of the movies that have been coming out recently? Well, some of it is done with bobbins, some with a needle, some of it is knitted and some of it is tatted. We have a group that meets once a month here at the store and they do all of those techniques.

There has been a huge push on lacey shawls and other garments in the last couple of years. These are usually knitted and we have members who are skilled at this as well as some of the other lace techniques.

If you are interested in seeing what it is all about and maybe even learn how, this is the group to come and visit. We will answer your questions the best we can and teach you what we know. There is no cost to come to the meeting. Looking forward to seeing you.

Long Tail Knits 9838 Valley View Road, Macedonia, Ohio 44056

Hours: Mon - Fri 10 - 8, Sat 10 - 4 Sunday closed

Event ended 8/18/2018

Jeannine Hausch |

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